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Fall 2011


Name of Event

PGSO Orientation Mentorship Event
ACM Welcome Back Picnic
WISE Promotional Material
MSGSA MSGSA First Meeting
LLC LLC Welcome Picnic
TESOL GSO Annapolis Trip
WISE Women Center
CGSA September Monthly Meeting
PPGSA Introduction to PPGSO
LLC LLC Social Hour
INCC Baltimore City Untour
MSGSA MSGSA General Meeting
CGSA October CGSA Meeting
PGSO Mid-Term Exam Snack Event
BIOChegs Halloween Party
PPGSA Halloween Potluck/Game Night
GEE Halloween Party
TESOL GSO Pumpkin Carving
IGSA Sackler Gallery
MEGSA Pizza Luncheon
WISE Public Speaking Workshop
EKTA Diwali Dhamakha
LLC LLC Social Hour
BIOChegs Bowling Night
IMDA GSO MFA Open Student Event
GEE GEE Bowling
CGSA November Monthly Meeting
IGSA Social Hour
MSGSA Monthly Meeting
PGSA Thanksgiving Dinner
IGSA Culture Night
CGSA Turkey Fry
IGSA Field Trip
WISE Miss Representation Documentation
PGSO Holiday Sweater Party
MSGSA Christmas Party
MEGSA Pizza Luncheon
IMDA GSO Taco Night
IGSA Social Hour
BIOChegs Social Hour
CGSA December Monthly Meeting
PGSO Falls 2011 Finals Snack Event
IMDA GSO End of Semester Studio Party
GOIS End of Semester Party