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Want to start a new GSO?

Registration Information for New and Inactive GSOs

To establish a new organization or reestablish a GSO that has been inactive for one academic year or more, submit the following:

  1. A signed statement on letterhead from a faculty/staff member agreeing to serve as an advisor
  2. A letter of intent explaining how your GSO is different from similar GSOs and how it will contribute to the UMBC community
  3. Registration form
  4. Budget form
  5. GSO constitution:
    – Sample constitution
    – Guidelines for creating a constitution 
  6. A list of at least five GSO members
***Submit documents to the GSA Office before the second Senate meeting of the academic year to receive full funding***

Per GSA Bylaws, the Executive Administrative Assistant, Executive Board, Senate, and Office of Student Life must approve the submitted materials to obtain official recognition.

The GSAExecutive Administrative Assistant and Executive Board review process will take approximately two weeks, please consider this time frame when submitting your application materials. If approved, the proposal will move to the Senate for its approval. Finally, the materials are submitted to the Office of Student Life.

Once your GSO becomes active, a representative must attend GSA Senate meetings. More than two missed GSA Senate meetings may result in the suspension of the GSO budget.

Be advised that each event requires a separate Co-sponsorship form and Meal pre-approval form. They must be submitted to the GSA Office, The Commons 308, at least three weeks prior to each event.