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Community Service

The GSA requires that students who have received grants from them to fulfill one (1) hour of community service within the UMBC community per reimbursed grant.

There are several ways to complete the service requirement:

  • Serve as a GSA senator
  • Serve as an officer/senator on a GSO
  • Volunteer as a peer mentor in PROMISE
  • Volunteer in your department
  • Present/volunteer in GSA’s Graduate Research Conference

To corroborate any departmental volunteering, please ask a faculty or staff member to e-mail the GSA. The e-mail should say what you did, when you did it, and for how long. Once we receive the notification of service we will record it in your files.


You may sign up with the GSA to be placed on our volunteer list! Our activities range from checking IDs at our social hours to helping out with our Graduate Research Conference. When an opportunity arises, the GSA will e-mail you directly to ask for help.

Community Service Sign up Form