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Professional Development & Workshop Training Grant

Professional Development & Workshop Training Grant

Up to $250 

Graduate students at UMBC may receive $250 in grant funding to support professional development. The Professional Development Grant (PD&WTG) details are as follows:

 The PD&WTG will cover travel to interviews supported by approval of your advisor
The PD&WTG will cover equipment and research methods training
Limit/semester: $250
The PD&WTGrant does not cover: Professional memberships or for-credit courses
Maximum limits per degree and year remain


Students must …

    • Be enrolled at UMBC and paying graduate fees for the semester that funds are requested
    • Be in a graduate program in good standing with GSA
    • If in a combined program, have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent
    • Be in good academic standing
    • Be in compliance with GSA procedures for submitting grants

2. Grant Submission Procedures

      1. PD&WT grant applications must be submitted at least two weeks prior to departure.
      2. When submitting your application you must include a copy of your unofficial transcript to prove you are a fee-paying student for the current semester.
      3. You must also include either a letter of acceptance if you are presenting or a flyer for the conference if you are just attending.
      4. All applications must be approved and signed by your advisor. We will also accept an e-mail from their UMBC account.

3. Submit a Grant

You may complete the online application form here.

You may obtain a copy of your unofficial transcript by following these directions.