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GA Insurance - Update

July 26, 2018 2:26 PM


Below are the questions that the GAAC provided to the Graduate School and UHS so that we can all better understand the impact to us of the Aetna Student Health insurance rates for UMBC not being approved by the State of Maryland yet.

The Administration is reviewing, and will address our questions as soon as possible, while also potentially adding questions/answers of their own to provide the needed clarity.


  • If a student has to see a non-UHS provider after August 14th, should the student still provide the same Aetna Member ID and the same Aetna card?
  • If the rates remain unapproved by August 14th, what can students expect if they have to see a non-UHS provider (physician, dentist, physical therapist, etc.), or have to have a prescription filled/lab test performed outside of UHS after that date? For example, will students still be asked for the same copay amount in a provider's office, or a different amount? 
  • UHS has an on-site prescription dispensary. Will the dispensary continue to provide medications after August 14th?
  • How can students verify which prescriptions will be filled by the UHS dispensary after August 14th?
  • Can students do anything to help get rates approved? For example, write letters to a representative, etc.?
  • Who can be contacted with additional questions?

If there are other questions you have about the issue, please send them to

Felipe Munoz Castillo
Public Policy PhD Student
GAAC Chair

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