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Current Electable Positions on the GSA Executive Board

Current position descriptions and number of nominees for that position are listed below:

Note that the current Executive Board is in the process of reviewing the positions descriptions as provided below, modifications are highlighted in red and redacting information is struckthrough.

In order to be nominated, send an e-mail nominating either yourself or someone else by March 20, 2017.

In order to be considered for this position, send an e-mail either accepting or declining the nomination by March 27, 2017. If accepting, please include in your e-mail a 200 word description of your qualifications that will be read by you or on your behalf at the April GSA Senate Meeting.



Position Nominations
President 1
Vice-President for External Affairs 1
Vice-President 1
Treasurer 2
Historian 4


  • Chair all GSA meetings (e.g. Graduate Senate, Executive Board)
  • Oversee GSA projects and initiatives
  • Meet with and maintain strong working relationships with other GSA members
  • Act as a spokesperson for the GSA in communicating the decisions and opinions of the GSA to the general membership, to the Graduate School and to all other relevant parties
  • Meet with or ensure that GSA has representation with all relevant parties on campus
  • Ensure the elections are held in accordance with the bylaws
  • Ensure that regularly scheduled GSA meetings are held during the academic year
  • Supervise other executive positions
  • Work with the Community Liaison to identify and resolve issues facing graduate students


Vice-President for External Affairs

  • Oversee the GSA in the absence of the President and Vice President
  • Responsible for keeping up-to-date on major issues involving graduate students on a state and national level
  • Responsible for maintaining and improving alumni relations
  • Serve as the liaison between the Vice President and Alumni Association to help find sponsorship for the Graduate Research Conference
  • Serve as GSA’s representative on the Alumni Association board to raise the awareness for the need to maintain and improve graduate-alumni relationships
  • Work with the Vice President to help prepare graduate student leaders to interact with other community members
  • Coordinate with Historian on public relations work
  •  Monitor the website as produced and maintained by the Communications Manager


Vice President

  • Oversee the GSA in the absence of the President
  • Coordinate the activities of the GSA ad-hoc committees and ensure that the committee activities are communicated to the President
  • Work with the Community Liaison to promote graduate community activities
  • Work with the Community Liaison to monitor recurring graduate student issues
  • Work with the Community Liaison and Student Life to informally and formally survey graduate students to determine interest in large-scale events
  • Chair the Graduate Research Conference and work with the Executive Administrative Assistant and Communications Manager to ensure proper preparation for the conference



  • Responsible for developing and submitting an annual budget, that allocates GSA’s money in accordance with its goals, to the Senate for approval at the first GSA Senate meeting of the academic year
  • Responsible for authorizing and monitoring all expenditures made by the GSA and for ensuring that GSA spends within budgeted limits, and that funds are allocated to students and groups in accordance with the written policies of the GSA
  • Responsible for maintaining the budget, monitoring GSA funds throughout the year, and making reports of spending and financial issues at Senate meetings
  • Serve as the chair for any committee dealing with GSA financial matters
  • Work with other GSA members and University personnel to make sure GSA’s money is used appropriately
  • Monitor and help GSA comment on finance policy issues
  • Represent the GSA’s position at the Fee Forum
  • Evaluate major spending decisions
  • Work with Vice-President and  Community Liaison  to help graduate   organizations budget and finance their annual activities



  • Keep an account and determine which programs and organizations are in good standing, as defined by the Bylaws/Constitution
  • Keep programs and organizations informed about their standing
  • Record minutes and attendance at all GSA Executive Board and Senate meetings
  • Research and keep an accurate record of the history of the GSA at UMBC
  • Coordinate with the Vice President for External Affairs on public relations work