Catering and other food options

GSOs are responsible for contacting caterers and placing orders for events. GSA will pay caterers directly, which eliminates upfront costs to your GSO. Please tell the caterer to forward invoices to

You may only use these approved caterers to order food for your event:
GSA can also pay directly for:
  • Giant Peapod Orders
  • Skylight Room
  • True Grits
GSA can reimburse for restaurant meals at off-campus locations.  Per Diem rates apply:
  • Breakfast: $13.00
  • Lunch: $15.00
  • Dinner: $28.00
These are the approved food preparations for events:
  • individually wrapped, pre-packaged snack items
  • individually prepared, boxed meal options provided by one of the approved caterers
  • sit down catered meal prepared by and served by an approved caterer
  • pizza is allowed as long as there are designated servers that are masked and gloved. **Specialty priced pizza through Papa Johns**

If you are planning on serving food at your event, it must be through a catering company unless you are making baked goods. All required documents (Vendor Contract, License, Certificate of Liability Insurance, and Itemized Invoice) need to be submitted to GSA at least 10 business days prior to your event.

When serving food at your on-campus event, there are several options.

  1. If you would like anything from Papa Johns or Sorrento’s West for your event, contact them directly at least 3 days before your event. The food must be given away–it cannot be sold.
  2. You can use one of the UMBC Approved Food Vendors to cater your event. They offer a wide variety of foods and services and were selected based on a competitive process that included a technical evaluation of each firm. The food must be given away and cannot be sold. The six (6) awarded firms are:
    1. Glenmore Catering (Suggested Caterer)
      • Dee Parry
      • 410-455-5930
    2. Absolutely Perfect Catering
      • Leslye Staub
      • 410-579-8777
    3. Chartwells
      • Tom DeLuca
      • 443-612-3463
    4. Classic Catering People
      • Larry Frank
      • 410-356-1666
    5. ROUGE Fine Catering
      • Jean Wade Mayer
      • 410-527-0007
    6. (Small Business Reserve) The Main Ingredient
      • Evie Turner
      • 410-626-0388
  3. If you are using any other restaurant or caterer to provide food, please keep the following in mind:
    1. The food must be given away–it cannot be sold at your event.
    2. Any vendors used to provide food for your organization’s event must correctly complete the Preferred Food Vendor Paperwork and be approved by the Student Affairs Business Service Center. It is recommended that you share our examples and directions with your food provider so that they can be sure to complete the forms correctly. The list of necessary forms, and when they are due, are as follows:
      1. Preferred Food Vendor Contract: Due to the GSA 30 days before your event.
      2. Quote: Due to the GSA 30 days before your event.
      3. Invoice: Due to the GSA 30 days before your event.
      4. Certificate of Liability Insurance
        • UMBC, UMBC’s address, the date of your event, and your student organization name must be listed as a certificate holder at the bottom.
        • The date on the top right corner must be dated within 30 days of your event.

(All of these forms can be obtained from the GSA)

Getting a non-UMBC approved food vendor to cater

In order to have a non-UMBC approved food vendor cater your event, there are three things that must be submitted to the GSA.

  • Food vendor contract (download from Basecamp)
  • Liability certificate. Get the liability certificate from the vendor. (See the last page of food vendor contract for an example)
  • Invoice (due 1 business day after your event)

These three documents must be prepared and given to the GSA.  They must all be dated within 30 days of the event.