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Catering and other food options

Please note that per university policy, GSA will only be supporting virtual events for GSOs until further notice. Below are general policies in effect when campus is open but during this time, please consult with the GSA Community Liaison to discuss specific funding needs for your virtual events. 


GSOs are responsible for contacting caterers and placing orders for events. GSA will pay caterers directly, which eliminates upfront costs to your GSO. Please tell the caterer to forward invoices to

You may only use these approved caterers to order food for your event:

GSA can also pay directly for:

  • Giant Peapod Orders
  • Skylight Room
  • True Grits

GSA can reimburse for restaurant meals at off-campus locations.  Per Diem rates apply:

Breakfast: $13.00

Lunch: $15.00

Dinner: $28.00