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Room Reservation

All GSOs are responsible for reserving and cancelling rooms and equipment. GSA will pay directly for room reservations and room set-up, which eliminates upfront costs for your GSO. For information about pricing, check the price sheet as well as the room price guide. The deadline for room and equipment requests is two weeks before your event.

Please follow these steps to reserve space on campus:

1.Use 25Live to assist you in planning your event. Only current GSO Presidents and Vice Presidents will be given access to create events and reserve spaces. If these positions on your executive board have changed, please contact the Community Liaison at Once you are given access to 25Live, you will be able to reserve spaces on campus.

2. Follow these steps to create your event and reserve a common space that the scheduling office maintains. If it is a department controlled room, please speak with the administrative assistant in that department before reserving that space:

  • Sign into the 25Live homepage using your myUMBC username and password.
  • Click on “Create an Event” to fill out the details regarding your event and to reserve your desired space. Follow the instructions.
    • Search for your GSO or Program name when asked for your “Primary Organization”.
    • When prompted for a chart string number, write “GSA” and then indicate in the notes that you are a GSA funded organization along with any other scheduling details.
  • The scheduling office will email confirmation to your UMBC email so please follow up with them if you have any other needs for your event.
  • For a full tutorial on how to use 25Live to create your event, please click here.