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Earlier this year, President Hrabowski signed the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge Presidents’ Commitment to Full Student Voter Participation. ALL IN unveiled its leaderboard for students pledging to vote in Election 2020 with UMBC debuting at #1 in the nation. Join the pledge to vote here:


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How can I vote this year?

  1. Vote by mail
    • Register to vote by October 13
    • Request a mail-in ballot by October 20
    • Place your ballot in a drop box by 8pm on November 3 or mail your ballot for free by November 3
    • Applying for a mail-in ballot can be confusing – You can contact your Local Board of Elections here with questions!
  2. Early voting

    • Early voting will be held October 26 – November 2 from 7am to 8pm
    • Early vote at any early voting location in your residential county
    • Option to simultaneously register to vote and vote
  3. In person voting
    • Election day voting will be on November 3 from 7a m to 8pm
    • Vote at any voting location in your residential county

What are the deadlines I need to know for registering to vote, requesting a ballot, etc?