GSA Governing Documents

The GSA operates in accordance with three governing documents that are all managed by the Graduate Senate. As such, the Graduate Senate has complete control over their content and form. From the Constitution to the Bylaws to the Points of Policy, these documents outline a more-and-more detailed description of the organization and its procedures. They all inherit from the UMBC Shared Governance Plan of Organization, which is managed by the UMBC Shared Governance Steering Committee (Plan of Organization available at this link).



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The Constitution of the GSA is by far the simplest but carries the most weight within the organization. It outlines the mission and high-level structure of the organization.



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The Bylaws of the GSA outline the responsibilities of each member of the Graduate Senate, its special and standing committees, the Executive Council, and also introduce initiatives of the GSA.


Points of Policy

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The Points of Policy of the GSA give specific details concerning how the various pieces of the GSA operate together and pursuant to an annual budget.