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Professional Development Grants

Professional Development (PD) Grants can be used to fund costs directly related to one’s professional development up to $500 such as: attending or presenting at the conference or event relevant to your discipline, traveling to workshops, symposiums, internships or interviews. Professional development here means building skills related to navigating one’s career, networking, learning new research skills/techniques, competing in a professional competition and communicating one’s research/work at conferences. The performance of research, while skill building, cannot be funded by a PD grant.

This grant may be used for reimbursements for expenses incurred from the following general categories:

  • Transportation Costs associated with conference attendance
  • Parking Fees & Tolls
  • Lodging
  • Printing Costs
  • Conference Registration
  • State of MD Per Diem for Meals
  • Medical Procedures Required by Travel (e.g., vaccinations)

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