State & Federal Legislation

Collective Bargaining Bill

[Added 20231025]

  1. Read the House Bill 493 and the accompanying Senate Bill 283 versions of the Collective Bargaining Bill
  2. Keep updated on the progression of the Collective Bargaining Bill.
  3. Link to schedule for GAAC Town-halls (need to find schedule)


Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

[Added 20171108]

House Bill:

  1. Take Action!
  2. Inside Higher Ed Article: ‘Taxing a Coupon’
  3. The Hill Article: ‘House tax bill runs afoul of Senate rules: analysis’
  4. The New York Times Article: ‘House Moves Ahead With Tax Bill as Pushback Mounts’
  5. The Council of Graduate Schools Resource List: ‘Tax Reform Resources’
  6. The Council of Graduate Schools Tweet with relevant graphs: ‘How would eliminating IRC Sec. 117(d)(5) impact grad students?’ 
  7. American Astronomical Society Article: ‘AAS Policy Alert’
  8. Association of Public & Land-Grant Universities Article: ‘Public Research Universities Detail Deep Concerns Over Tax Bill’ (very comprehensive)
  9. The Chronicle of Higher Education Article: ‘How the GOP Tax Plan Could Hurt Graduate Students — and American Research’
  10.  Forbes Article: ‘The GOP Tax Plan Will Destroy Graduate Education’

Senate Bill:

  1. Inside Higher Ed Article: ‘Higher Ed in the Senate Tax Bill’

Students are invited to contact their representatives, especially Andrew P. Harris if on the Eastern Shore, and urge them to withdraw or otherwise not support this bill. For more information on how to do this, contact us at



[Added 20180517]

  1. NASFAA Article: ‘PROSPER Act: House Republicans HEA Bill’ 
  2. American Council of Education: ‘Renewing the Higher Education Act: Resources for Students and Institutions’ 
  3. GSA Position Statement in opposition to PROSPER Act: Available in May 7th Senate meeting folder 

More information to come!



[Added 20180517]

More Information to come!