GSO Information

Attention Returning Graduate Student Organizations

After initial approval, all GSOs must re-register with the Community Liaison at the beginning of every academic year. The deadline has already passed this year, but we are offering an extended registration deadline until 20 Oct 2023.

This is a requirement if you wish to access funding and room reservations.

Link to form here.


General GSO Information

What is a GSO? A Graduate Student Organization (GSO) is a group of students with at least two standing members. A GSO represents a graduate program or a non-department related group of students.

What does a GSO get? A GSO may request reimbursement of expenses used for GSO-related things if they register on time at the beginning of the academic year. To speak for questions on this, find the Community Liaison in the OGSL Staff Directory.

Sounds Awesome! How do we make one? A new GSO should register as a New GSO on the GSO Registration Form located on the GSA Website under GSOs. The GSO members then must petition the senate for approval.

What are our duties? A GSO must only ensure that their GSO is registered on time and maintains an active organization that contributes to campus culture.

What happens if we fall short of our duties? The Graduate Senate reserves the right to disband a GSO if it falls inactive.

How do I register my GSO that was around last year? To register your GSO, please fill out this online form. This form is mostly asking for contact information for Officers and Senators. All GSOs are guaranteed funding as long as they register. Any GSOs not registered with GSA for the academic year will not be guaranteed this funding. 

Funding information: In accordance with the Annual Budget, GSOs are allocated funding for FY22 if they register (see above).

A GSO may submit an Allocation Request form to the Grants Review Panel for a specific and singular initiative (e.g. a seminar series) or event.

This decision is due to the fact that many of our GSOs under-spend their previously allotted $1000, while some required much more. Following the trends of typical GSO spending throughout the past few years, the total budget for GSOs will be presented at the first Senate Meeting. Note that this removes the limit on maximum GSO funding. GSOs may therefore request any amount of funding so long as it is available from the GSA’s GSO Budget (presented with Annual Budget).

Please ensure that your allocation requests are submitted and approved before your event takes place. The GSA does not approve event funding for events occurring outside the academic year.

All allocation requests must be submitted at least one month in advance in order to be considered for funding. The Executive Council made this decision based on this semester’s requests and the new update can be found here.

Once your funding is approved by the GRP Committee, you will then follow up with the Community Liaison using the same procedure outlined on the Event Planning page once the event is over. All post-event documentation must be filed within 10 days after the event to receive reimbursement.

Effective immediately The State of MD will not reimburse a student for the purchase of any gift cards.  Moving forward you will need to request a UMBC Bookstore gift card through via an email with the following information:
Name of GSO:
Event Name:
Quantity of  gift cards:
Amount for each gift cards:

NEW and INACTIVE GSOS: If you are interested in registering a previously inactive GSO or new GSO, please select “NEW GSO” from the dropdown menu of GSOs listed on the Organization Registration form and fill it out accordingly.

GSO TRAINING SESSIONS: It is mandatory for a representative from each GSO to attend a training session for GSOs each year. At these sessions, we will be discussing/clarifying any questions on GSO funding as well as the events planning process and the post-event reimbursement process.

A GSO training file is also available.

Please note: GSA does NOT reimburse for expenses under $10.00, nor can we reimburse for gas expenses to campus.