Helpful Resources for GAs

The GA Handbook covers all university policies concerning graduate assistantships.

Technology Support: DoIT Software for Students: For all your software needs with instructional packages.

GA Healthcare

GA Healthcare links and step-by-step instructions for how to use each link are listed below.

The UMBC GA plan landing page: Use this link if you are already able to navigate your way around the plan landing page.

The In-Network Provider Directory Search Tool: Use this link to find healthcare providers that are part of our Aetna PPO network. You do NOT need to sign in, just follow the instructions in this document

Graduate Plan Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC): Use this link to see the PDF of the plan benefits, both in-network and out-of-network, including co-pays and co-insurance.

List of POCs

Conflict Resolution for Graduate Assistants

The Associate Dean of The Graduate School provides confidential consultation for students who need help resolving interpersonal conflicts, difficult situations, and academic or workplace-related challenges within departments and programs.  If deemed necessary, the Associate Dean may convene a special Mediation Committee (consisting of several faculty and grad students) to help resolve the issue.  Additionally, the Associate Dean may draw upon other Graduate School and campus administrative expertise.  The goal of conflict resolution is to provide fair, unbiased, and well-informed guidance and support for the aggrieved party.

Advisor/Advisee Issues: If conflicts are not resolved after consultation with the advisor and GPD, contact Dr. Jeffery Halverson, associate Dean, and Professor of Geography and Environmental systems.

Contact email:

Concerns related to contracts

Business Services Specialist: Contact person for all concerns regarding contracts with UMBC and other logistical needs.

Professional and Academic Programs on Campus

PROMISE & Professional Development

Center for the Integration of Research, Learning, and Teaching (CIRTL) For professional development of grad students i.e., improving teaching skills.

Writing Support

GSA Writing Advisor: For assistance in any writing assignment/project across all curricula.

You are encouraged to book appointments.

Dissertation House (January, July, October): Focused multi-day workshops and seminars to

help finish dissertations.

Financial Support

Student Business Services: Concerns pertaining to student bills, tuition, and a refund can be directed here.

Black and Gold Fund: For short-term financial assistance (only in tuition) in circumstances that endanger continuation of education.

Retriever Essentials: In situations where lack of consistent access to food endangers a healthy

and active life.

Fellowships (Grad school website): For internal and external fellowships opportunities.

Grad Student Emergency Fund: A one-time emergency fund (does not include tuition).

International Students Support

Center for Global Engagement: Speak to the ISSS advisor for any immigration-related and/or all

other initiatives regarding international students.

English Language Support – ELI (for international students): Enroll in sessions to polish your

English language spoken skills.

International Student Arrival Guide: A complete guide to settling in the US.

Well-being and Social Support

Counseling Center: Get counseling if you are having trouble adjusting/handling the challenges of life.

Initiatives for Identity, Inclusion & Belonging – I3b: Engagement opportunities for students to

build awareness and knowledge of diverse people, cultures, and belief systems.

Office of Student Disability Services (SDS): SDS accommodates and provides resources to

students with abilities, as well as those with temporary disabling conditions and injuries.

Women’s Center: To become involved in bringing a more intersectional, feminist perspective in

UMBC community and/or management.

Office of Equity and Inclusion: If you ever face any instances of social injustice by any other

community fellow or admin, you can always reach out to this department.