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Event Planning

Step 1: Prior to the next Senate Meeting…

Submit an Allocation Request Form.

Step 2: Check your e-mail for Approval

In the e-mail, you will receive additional instructions particular to your event.  Please follow the instructions carefully.

If the event will be off-campus:

You will be asked to submit liability forms to the GSA Office.  We must be able to confirm that these forms were completed prior to the start of your event.

If the event is out-of-state or overnight:

A. You will be asked to submit liability forms to the GSA Office before 4 p.m. on the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday before the date of your event.  We must be able to confirm that these were completed prior to the start of your event.

B.  You must send the names, travel dates, mode of transportation, and arrival and departure locations of each attendee to the GSA Office by the deadline stated in your allocation request approval e-mail.  

Step 3: When making purchases for your event…

A. Save all original, itemized receipts. Per university policy, we do not reimburse for alcohol. 

B. Use the tax-exempt form included in your approval e-mail.  We cannot reimburse sales tax.

C. Mileage will be reimbursed based on distance.  There is no need to save gasoline receipts.

D. If working with a UMBC Caterer (Glenmore or Chartwells) let them know that you are a GSA sponsored organization.

E. Fill out an honorarium agreement for speakers or performers. This will be included in your co-sponsorship approval.

Step 4: After your event…

Submit the following documents to the GSA Office within 10 days after the event:

A. Post event form

B. Sign-in form (You may use any format.)

C. Copy of the e-mail or flyer advertising your event

D. Proof of Expenses

  • Original, Itemized Receipts- You must submit the physical receipt in its original form to the GSA Office.  Please tape them to 8.5” by 11” copy paper.  If the business is not able to provide an itemized receipt, please include a handwritten breakdown of the total cost with the original receipt.
  • Google Maps Directions- To receive reimbursement for mileage at $0.535 per mile, include Google Maps directions from UMBC to the destination.
  • UMBC Catering or CommonVision- Although GSA will pay these vendors directly, please include a copy of the invoice for budgeting purposes.
GSA reserves the right to deny and/or adjust reimbursements if funds were spent irresponsibly.  (e.g. excessive meal costs) and/or if documents are not submitted within ten days of the event.
 For more information on GSOs and the event planning process, see below for more details: