Tracking a Reimbursement

Has it been 6-8 weeks since your reimbursement was submitted?

Click here to track payment.

  • If you do not have an account you will need to register using your Tax ID (SS#)
  • After registering, enter your Tax ID (SS#) and password.
  • Click on One Stop Vendor Payment Inquiry.

The payment is listed as Vendor Payments. You should be able to see if accounting has processed your reimbursement and when the payment was sent.

If you do not receive payment 30 days after the date of issue or 8 weeks past the submission date, please contact us and we will have accounting stop payment and reissue your payment.

Please note that students simply miss the payment having been dropped into their account. Payments do not always come in with your university paycheck so double check your account history if payment has been issued.

The GSA does not handle information on the site and if you have trouble using the online tracking call the help number listed or you can send an email to

Students without a Tax ID (SS #) should call the help number for information on how to track their payment.