GSA Grants Program


  • September 2022 Update:
    • The Travel Pre-Approval Process has changed, applicants are now required to submit a pre-approval only after their application is approved.
    • Both applications have been updated, applicants are now no longer required to submit pre-approval forms with their application.
  • All grant applications are due by the 15th of each month, and will be reviewed by the Grants Review Panel who need about 2 weeks after the deadline to meet.
  • Students will be notified within 3-5 days if their application is incomplete. Application Decisions will be emailed by OGSL Staff within 5 business days after the first of each month.
  • Students must apply at least one month before their travel date or the application will be considered late and not accepted.
  • GSA does not reimburse for any purchases made prior to grant approval.
  • If an application is approved, the applicant is required to submit a travel pre-approval form within 5 business days or the application will be denied.
  • Any research materials or supplies that are not fully expended, must be retained within the recipient’s department or discussed with the GSA.
  • Graduate students are eligible to be awarded up to two grants per academic year.
  • Only one professional development (PD) grant will be potentially awarded per event. You may not apply for two PD grants for the same event in the same grant period. You may not apply for a second PD grant for an event if you were awarded one for the same event in a previous grant period.

General Grant Information  

The GSA has a Grants Program that provides funds for reimbursing graduate students for certain expenses incurred while engaging in professional development or thesis-related research.

In order to provide more and better opportunities for intellectual, professional, and social development, There are two types of grants available from the GSA: Professional Development Grants and Research Grants.

Professional Development Grants can be used for costs directly related to one’s professional development up to $750, such as: attending or presenting at the conference or event relevant to your discipline, traveling to workshops, symposiums, or internships.

Research Grants can be used to fund costs incurred through performing or conducting thesis or dissertation-related research up to $1000. This includes research materials not available on campus or through other campus means, traveling to interview participants or collect data, research participant incentives, and most other things directly related to performing research.