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I. Name of Organization
II. Mission
III. Membership and Organization
IV. Executive Council
V. Graduate Senate
VI. Office of Graduate Student Life
VII.  Meetings
VIII. Amendments

Graduate Student Association of the
University of Maryland, Baltimore County


Article I
Name of Organization

  •  The name of this organization shall be the Graduate Student Association (GSA) of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), hereinafter referred to as “GSA” or “the GSA.”

Article II

  • To support, promote and represent all graduate students at UMBC;
  • To provide a forum for discussions of and recommendations on matters involving graduate students and their welfare at UMBC; and
  • To provide opportunities for intellectual, professional and social development through grants, public presentation of research, graduate community events and campus service support.

Article III
Membership and Organization

  • Membership in the GSA is extended to all students currently enrolled in graduate programs at UMBC, hereinafter referred to as “general membership.”
  • The GSA shall consist of the Executive Council, the Graduate Senate, the Office of Graduate Student Life (OGSL), and the general membership. Only members of the Graduate Senate are entitled to a vote.
  • The GSA shall function in accordance with the UMBC Plan of Organization.

Article IV
Executive Council

  •  The Executive Council shall consist of President, Vice President, Vice President of External Affairs, Treasurer, and Historian.
  •  The Executive Council is responsible for ensuring that the GSA mission statement is carried out in accordance with the Constitution and the Bylaws.
  •  The Executive Council is elected in accordance with the Bylaws.

Article V
Graduate Senate

  •  The Graduate Senate (hereinafter referred to as “Senate”) consists of at least one but up to two senator(s) from each degree-granting graduate program at UMBC as well as one representative from each recognized and active Graduate Student Organization.
  •  Each degree granting program and Graduate Student Organization is entitled to one vote and must be present to vote.
  •  The Senate is a governing body that serves as a voice for all graduate students at UMBC.
  •  Senators shall be selected in accordance with the Bylaws.

Article VI
Office of Graduate Student Life

  •  The OGSL consists of graduate assistants and the Executive Administrative Assistant as defined in the Bylaws.
  •  The OGSL provides services to graduate students and support to the GSA.

Article VII

  •  GSA meetings shall include, but is not limited to, Senate meetings, Executive Council meetings, and ad-hoc committee meetings.
  •  GSA meetings shall be held regularly during the academic year.
  •  Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised Edition, shall be the guide on parliamentary procedure at all GSA meetings.
  •  Senate meetings are open to the general membership.
  •  A quorum for all GSA meetings shall be defined as two-thirds (2/3) of the voting membership.
  •  On all voting matters except as noted in the Constitution or Bylaws, a motion shall be passed by a majority vote of a quorum.

Article VIII

  •  An amendment to the Constitution or Bylaws may be proposed at a meeting of the Senate. A vote to adopt the amendment must be held at the next meeting of the Senate.
  •  A two-thirds (2/3) majority of the voting membership present, if quorum is met, is required to adopt the amendment.

This Constitution, as revised, of the Graduate Student Association of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County is hereby adopted and ratified by the Graduate Senate by a majority vote on this Second day of November of 2009; as amended on this Second day of November of 2009; as amended on this third day of October 2014.