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One of the primary goals of the Graduate Student Association is to encourage and support graduate student research. Therefore, GSA provides different types of grants for graduate students to aid in their pursuit of academic achievement:

NOTE: Students are allotted a maximum of $1000 in funding per academic year.

Master’s students receive $1500 in funding

Doctoral students receive a total of $2500 in funding

MFA student receive a total of $2000 in funding

If a graduate student is traveling to a conference, symposium, congress, workshop, session, meeting, round   table discussion or other type of academic forum they may apply for a travel grant. Travel grants are typically approved either for up to $1000.00 if a student is presenting work at the conference or up to $250.00 if only attending.

Travel Research/Research Grants:  Students are encouraged to apply for GSA research grants to pay for expenses that they incur while working on their theses, dissertations or various research projects.

This includes travel for data collection. Typically a student is approved to be reimbursed up to $1,000.00.

Students must be enrolled in a graduate program at UMBC and paying graduate fees for the semester funds were requested.


                                         GSA Grants

Professional Development & Workshop Training Grant

Up to $250  to support professional development. 

  • The PD&WTG will cover travel to interviews supported by approval of your advisor
  • The PD&WTG will cover equipment and research methods training
  • Limit/semester: $250
  • The PD&WT Grant does not cover: Professional memberships or for-credit courses
  • Maximum limits per degree and year remain



Up to $1000 for oral/poster presentation at  a conference.

Up to $250 for attending a  conference



Up to $1000 for research travel



Up to $1000 for research costs, i.e., participant incentive/compensation, tools, software, etc.



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