After returning from a trip, please fill out a REIMBURSEMENT FORM.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you need original receipts or are copies okay?
Accounting requires original receipts; copies will not be accepted. Online confirmations of purchases for airfare and pre-paid hotel stays are acceptable.

Other than receipts, what do you require for reimbursement?
If a personal car was used for travel then an online print-off of the directions (We recommend using Google Maps) to the conference showing the distance traveled is required if asking for reimbursement for mileage.
- If purchases were made with either a bank or credit card, the statement or a print off of the online activity must be provided to back up the purchases. Your name must be shown on either of these to prove that you are the one who made the purchase. If you cannot find a page with your name on it a legible photocopy of the card with your name and the last 4 digits shown can be accepted.
- If students share travel costs with someone else, they must obtain a separate receipt(s) showing their personal expenses in order to be reimbursed

How long do I have to turn in my receipts and statements?
You have 10 business days following your return from travel to submit all of your receipts and supporting documents.
- Submissions after this date must be accompanied by a memo addressed to accounting stating the reason for late submittal.

What happens after I turn in my receipts and statements?
The Grants Administrator reviews and tallies your receipts and creates an expense statement
- Following review from the GSA’s Executive Director, you will be asked to come in to sign this document.
- After you have signed, your expense statement and receipts will be sent off to accounting.

What if I do not have online banking/credit card information?
If online banking activity is not an option for you, please submit all receipts along with a letter stating that you must wait for your next monthly statement to arrive to complete the process before the deadline for submittal (see below).

How long will it take for me to receive my reimbursement?
Following submission to accounting, it can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks for them to process your reimbursement. Please scroll down to Tracking Payments to find out how to check the status of your reimbursement.

How will I receive my reimbursement?
If you are an employee of the University and have signed up for direct deposit, your reimbursement will be deposited into the account you signed up with.
- If you are not, a check will be sent to the address you provided on your application.

Whom do I contact if I have problems, questions, and concerns?
The Grants Administrator can be reached either by phone (410-455-2773) or email (

Tracking Payments

  1. Click here
    or go to, and from Business Services, click on Travel. On the right menu, click Tracking a payment.
  2. After registering, enter your Tax ID (SS#) and password.
  3. Click on One Stop Vendor Payment Inquiry.

The payment is listed as Vendor Payments. You should be able to see if accounting has processed your reimbursement and when the payment was sent.

If you do not receive payment 30 days after the date of issue or 8 weeks past the submission date, please contact us and we will have accounting stop payment and reissue your payment.

Please note that students simply miss the payment having been dropped into their account. In the past, GSA grant payments have been included in with other payments from the University (such as a paycheck or other reimbursement).