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Reimbursement Instructions

Congratulations! You have were awarded a funding grant from GSA.
This page is meant to serve as a guide through the reimbursement process.
The GSA follows procedures outlined by UMBC Financial Services, and so they are subject to immediate change in order to reflect GSA or UMBC policies.


As a general rule for GSA grant reimbursements, GSA requires the following forms from the student (or department):

  • UMBC Request for Reimbursement form (herein referred to as RRF)
  • Receipts for each item listed on RRF (more details on this to follow)
  • Bank/Credit Card Statements for each item listed on RRF to confirm expense
  • Travel Itinerary (e-mail’ed confirmation of bookings or boarding passes are acceptable)
  • Conference Schedule-at-a-Glance (if attended/presented at a conference)

Follow the steps below in order to properly address each of these requirements.

If you have any questions about this process, please call the Office of Graduate Student Life (OGSL) at ext. 52773 during office hours (see page footer) and ask for the Grant Coordinator.


Step 1: Download a Copy of Most-Recent RRF

Under “Travel Forms” box, find the “Travel / Misc. Expense Reimbursement Request” link. Clicking this link will download the MS Excel document you can work with digitally. This link is not posted on this page to avoid hosting out-dated links.

Step 2: Fill-out RRF

Below are snippets of what the RRF looked like at the time this page was made. If you find that changes have been made, alert the GSA and adjustments will be made.

The colors have been added to mark the regions the student (or department) should be able to complete.

The green regions should be completed by the student (see note on Personal Information below).

The orange regions should NOT be modified by the student, they will be filled-in at the OGSL.

All other regions should NOT be modified.

All dates should be in MM/DD/YYYY format.

A Note on Personal Information

The GSA encourages students to fill-in the RRF digitally, but requires the student come to OGSL to sign finalized paperwork before reimbursement can be submitted. It is at this time that the student should fill-in the Social Security Number (or ITIN) so as to avoid sending personal information through e-mail threads. If the student would prefer to fill-in an address in-person, that can also be done off-line and in the OGSL.

Additionally, please feel free to redact any information unrelated to your expenses on the bank/credit card statements.


Student Information


  • Select “Travel Expense” if you traveled to a conference, workshop or interview.
  • Select “Miscellaneous Expense” if you purchased research equipment, reimbursed research participants, or traveled for data collection or research.
  • (Even though many students are on UMBC payroll, please do NOT modify the payroll response in the top-left)

Distribution of Charges

This section tells financial services how to deduct the grant funding from the various parts of the GSA account. Generally, the numbers/text in orange will be the same for all reimbursements. Under the “Account” column, the student should place one of the following four numbers in as many rows as are required.


The actual expenses that will contribute to the “Amount” column will be addressed in the “Expense By Date” section below, so don’t worry about that now.

For travel grants that are in-state, put 7040100; this code tells financial services that the costs tabulated in the left-most column were incurred in Maryland.

For travel grants that are out of state, put 7040300; this code tells financial services that the costs tabulated in the left-most column were not incurred in Maryland.

For costs incurred reimbursing research participants, put 7021000; I bet you can guess what this code tells financial services 🙂

For costs incurred paying for conference/workshop registration, put 7129900. GSA does NOT reimburse students for professional membership costs.

Expense By Date


Fill the first row in with the travel dates. If you were on travel for more than seven days, you will have to complete two separate forms. Dates without any expenses may be left out of this table.


If you would like to be reimbursed for the standard US per diem, enter $9 for breakfast, $11 for lunch, and $25 for dinner for each day for which you would like reimbursement.

If you would like to be reimbursed for more than a standard meal in a high-cost area within the US, you will need to provide detailed, itemized food receipts to confirm each expense placed in the appropriate meal and date location in the table.


Expenses to be reimbursed must have accompanying receipt to confirm costs.

In-state expenses must have MD State Tax removed from expense quoted in table.

Registration costs should be listed under “Miscellaneous Expenses”.

Paying with Cash vs Card: Necessity of Bank/Credit Card Statements

On accompanying receipts, the mode of payment should be listed. If paid in cash, only the receipt confirming cost is necessary. If a payment was made with a card and the last four digits of the card are not reflected on the receipt, a bank/credit card statement must also accompany the receipt. It is safest to always include bank statements reflecting the same costs you will be quoting on the table.



For the purposes of accountability on per diem amounts, you must include travel details starting and ending with “Home”. Please include any layovers or stops. Confirmation of bus/rail/air travel is required to reflect these dates & times. Tickets, itineraries, and confirmations of bookings are accepted.

For reimbursing mileage with a personal vehicle: any mileage incurred may be quoted here with an accompanying Google Maps screen-shot confirming mileage. Place this mileage in the “Auto Mileage” row on the appropriate date. Dates with no travel can be left out of this table.

The total amount to be reimbursed for mileage is tabulated at the bottom of the “Expense By Date” table.

Approval Signatures

Please print the name and telephone number of the student. The student will be expected to sign and date in-person in OGSL.

Step 3: Confirm amounts listed in “Distribution of Charges” table



Back to the “Distribution of Charges” section!

Ensure that registration costs are put into the appropriate account (by row) and that all other costs are put into the appropriate row. If this is unclear or a certain expense seems to fall into more than one account type, please call or e-mail OGSL.

Make sure the “Total” amount tabulated here on the bottom-left matches the “Total Expense” amount at the bottom-right of the “Expense By Date” table.

In all cases, remember for what amount of reimbursement you have been approved.
You don’t need to provide proof of purchases or quote them on this form if you don’t plan on being reimbursed for them.

Step 4: Assemble!

Assemble the RRF, all receipts, all cost-confirming bank/credit card statements, all itineraries, conference agenda, etc. Bring the packet to the OGSL during office hours (see page footer), or schedule an appointment with the Grants Coordinator if you have questions. We ask that you (1) e-mail the RRF to and (2) print out all other necessary documentation.


Step 5: Wait Four Weeks!

Yeahhhh, this part isn’t great. But this is the average amount of time it takes for GSA to process everything and then to ship to UMBC Financial Services.


Step 6: Apply for Another Grant!

It’s your money! Use it!


Page last edited by Roy on 1/17/2017

Please let OGSL know if something isn’t clear! We want to make this an easy process!