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Upcoming GSA-GEARS Event Alert|| IDEATHON

March 29, 2021 11:11 AM

Gears bring you to our first of a kind event IDEATHON (how new problems or existing problems can be tackled better by using your unique idea) which is all about presenting your unique idea to the jury and fellow graduate students in UMBC.  You can participate either individually or in a group or no more than 3 people.

This event will highlight your creative skills, uniqueness of your idea (idea can be social, environmental, IT technology, medical field related, etc. These ideas can be real or hypothetical). You must create 3 min presentation showcasing your idea, how unique it is. We have marked around prizes of $1000 to be a win. All the participants are eligible for a free UMBC logo Mask**.  Also, the First 10 participants will get a chance to win UMBC merchandise T-shirts. **

You can sign up using this link: -


We welcome all department's graduate students to come to participate and celebrate Graduate week with us on the event day i.e.  9th April 2021.


For any queries contact Sulabh sharma (+14438504311,, Jhansi Sankaramaddi(+14109006743,

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