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First Annual GA Health Week @ UMBC

Feb. 26-28th

February 8, 2019 4:29 PM
Announcing GA Health Week!

From February 26-28th, GAAC is sponsoring three events to connect GAs with resources on campus to help us survive and thrive during the challenging graduate school years.

The events are:

  • A Q&A session about our GA health plan where you can come ask all your questions about our health insurance;
  • A yoga workshop that is broken up into three sessions of 15 minutes each so we can do them at home; and,
  • In partnership with Chartwells, a workshop to share with us how to select and prepare food that is rich in nutrients for both mind and body.

The event links to sign up for all events are available at: is limited to ensure each event is successful!

A part of the Graduate Student Association (GSA), GAAC is committed to empowering GAs to take advantage of the many resources that UMBC makes available to us.

To put together GA Health Week, we’ve worked with staff at the RAC, at OGSL, at CommonVision, at Campus Life, at Res Life and other folks on campus. Everyone has been outstanding and we are all excited for what we hope will be the first annual GA Health Week at UMBC. Come join us!

Felipe M. Castillo
GAAC Chairperson

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